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Donald Loki Dor President

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I know we just had a Donald for president but I’d totally vote for this guy! I got busy with client and other work week 4 so I didn’t get…

There Is Still Good In Him/ I Feel The Good In You (Alt. Title)

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I’ve been planning this piece for years so it worked out that week 3 of @disneydrawtober was Star Wars Villians. The faith of one person seeing the good in another can have…

Ernesto De La Cruz

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Here’s my week two piece for @disneydrawtober on instagram. The theme was Pixar Villians.

Camping Boo

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Enjoy the outdoors and “Leave No Trace”!October is such a great month! Great outdoor weather, changing seasons, and it’s spooky time, so I just had to do this piece. You…