The Amazing Spider-Man


The Avengers


The Dark Knight Rises



The Student Ministries department aka The Resistance, at Radiant Church, did a series called Epic. They spoofed popular “epic” movies and used the to teach teens how to live an epic life for Jesus. They wanted a movie poster for each weeks movie spoof. They had the series twice each featuring a different set of films. I shot most of the photos and did all the post-production work.

The first year they did the series a few of the movies they spoofed were  300, Avatar, and Twilight.

300 Poster: I shot the youth pastor as the main character and the assistant youth pastor as the army in the back ground. the back ground sky was a stock image.

Avatar Poster: I shot the youth pastors wife and did all the “makeup” digitally to make he look like The Na\’vi. I intentionally did not over exaggerate the features because we still wanted the teens to be able to tell who it was.

Twilight Poster: I shot a couple of the volunteers as Edward and Bella and digitally added the fang.

The second year they did the series a the movies they spoofed were  The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, Thor.

The Amazing Spider-Man Poster: I light a wall in the youth building that had there logo on it. We then had one of the volunteers strapped into a harness under his jeans and suspended him on the wall in a classic Spidey pose and I took several shots. I removed the rope digitally and added the spider shadow to play off the poster that was in theaters.

The Avengers Poster: For this poster I went into downtown Phoenix to get the shots for the city in the back ground. I then shot each of the volunteers separately and added them to the back ground. I pulled the Iron Man from the web ,cut him out and added him to the cast. I then added all the special effects and digital painting.

The Dark Knight Rises Poster: I shot our volunteer and digitally added the background and rain. I also created the belt buckle in Illustrator and Photoshop.

Thor Poster: I shot the volunteer on a raised platform. The rocks were all stock images that I broke up and digitally painted to get the final look.

Client: The Resistance (Radiant Church)Website: radiantchurch.com

Media: Digital. Photography, Photoshop & Illustrator.