Cover Design

Mount Vernon News in Ohio does a yearly automotive publication called Under The Hood. I did the post-production and design work for the 2010 cover.

Final Cover Art

Main image for cover

Elements used to create main image

Creating the cover

I wanted to create a dynamic image for the Under The hood cover. I liked the idea of an action shot of a car racing down the road. Due to the lack of  time and resources to get the shots I needed, I started with 3 stock images. I took the 2 cars and put them on an open country road. I felt the scene lacked drama so I added the breaking storm to the sky and water to the road. After some time digital painting to make the scene more believable I had the final image to use for the cover. The rest of the photographs for the cover were stock images pulled from the web.

Client: Mount Vernon News

Media: Digital. Illustrator & Photoshop.