Valley Creek: Epic Characters and Backgrounds

Valley Creek Church had a kids summer camp every year called Epic. I refreshed the characters and made the backgrounds for 2016 & 2017.

original buddies

Original Epic Characters: by another artist

EPIC Buddies_final-01

Refreshed Epic Characters and size guide: By Me

Epic Sketches

Epic Characters: Action Pose Sketches


Epic Characters: Action Pose Finals


Trinity Refresh


Trinity Refresh: Alternate Expression

Trinity Sword

Trinity Refresh: Action Pose


Bo Refresh

BO_final V2

Bo Refresh: Alternate Expression

Bo lean

Bo Refresh: Action Pose


Eli Refresh


Eli Refresh: Alternate Expression

Eli Run

Eli Refresh: Action Pose


Zoey Refresh


Zoey Refresh: Alternate Expression

Zoey Flying

Zoey Refresh: Action Pose


Toby Refresh

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Epic Banner

EPIC 2016_Instagram (1836x1836)

Epic Island Background 2016

Epic promo plasma

Epic Camping Background With Updated Logo 2017

Epic promo plasma bg

Epic Camping Background 2017

Epic Character Refresh and Backgrounds

Valley Creek used to have a kids summer camp every year. In 2016 and 2017 I was responsible for refreshing and cleaning up the Epic Characters originally created by another artist. I was also responsible to prep them for animation and come up with a new action pose for each the main four characters. I also created backgrounds for each year and up dated the epic logo for 2017 (the original logo featured on the Epic Banner was created by Collin Schlicht).

Client: Valley Creek Church

Media: Digital. Illustrator, Photoshop, Wacom Cintq