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Don’t Shed On Me

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Don’t Shed On Me

Don’t Shed On Me


EEN Investments had a request to create an illustration for a medical freedom activist group they support. Their vision was to put a creative spin on the ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ flag. They wanted a snake and a syringe with a yellow background. To add depth and meaning to the design, I drew inspiration from the medical symbol of the staff with serpents wrapped around it. My orginal sketch had a more aggressive viper. However, EEN Investments preferred a softer touch, so I closed the snake’s mouth to strike the right balance.

The purpose of this illustration was to raise awareness about the potential side effects of a specific vaccine. While the topic of vaccines comes with its own set of discussions each with their own valid perspectives. As an artist I approach each project with a commitment to bringing my client’s vision to life, regardless of personal opinions.

Creating this art was a thought-provoking and engaging project, and I’m proud to have brought this artwork to life.

Client:  EEN Investments LLC
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop
Hardware Used:  Wacom Cintiq

Final Illustrations

Textured Final
Clean Version


Original Sketch
Final Sketch

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