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July 27, 2023

Hello There! I have some exciting news! I just launched a Ko-Fi site! If you aren’t familiar with Ko-Fi it is similar to Patreon but with more options.

Check it out here:

The Ko-fi page includes:
  • A Print and Merch Shop.
  • Memberships: With discounts, exclusive content, free prints & merch, community access, and more.
  • Different galleries of my work
  • Commissions and Services: a page where you can sign up for commissions and other services as they become available.
  • And other ways for you to share your love and support.

I’m most excited about my LVL 2 Membership tier, wich gets you sevral perks including dicounts, exclusive content and a FREE print of the month!

The LVL 2 Perk | A Boon for You:
– You receive a free print of the month! Each month will have a different postcard-sized print you will receive in the mail and it may be a long while before that print comes back around if it ever does.

* Monthly prints and merch typically ship at the beginning of the month. If you signed up after they ship, your first print will be the next month’s shipment.

Make sure you sign up for the membership soon because the first set of prints goes out at the begining of August!

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