No matter what project Ian Moss Creative works on, I bring creativity, excellence, quality, and care to see it through. I specialize in the following areas of the creative industry. I also have connections to other professionals in different creative fields if you don’t see the specific one you are looking for here.



I offer expertly crafted graphic art and graphic design to ensure engagement in print and digital platforms. I have the creativity, problem solving skills, and decades of experience that can help you connect with people and tell your story in a new and creative way.

Your brand is everything, it is your identity, personality, and how people perceive you. It lives and breathes in culture and has a culture of its own. A brand is more than a logo, color palette, and font. Your brand is your personality, purpose, voice, strategy, and how you communicate to people and the world you live in. I can help you create a brand that people can get excited about and want to be a part of.

  • Branding & Identity
  • Logo Design
  • Custom Lettering
  • Album Art & Poster Art
  • Book / Magazine Covers & Layout
  • Series / Campaign Art
  • Apparel
  • Package Design
  • Social Media Packages
  • Podcast Design and Illustration
  • Web Design
  • And More


If you want a truly unique piece of art that will connect with and move your audience on another level, my custom illustrations are the way to go. I can help tell your story in a powerful, creative, and moving way. Ian Moss Creative has over 20 years of experience in the illustration industry and can work in multiple styles and  media.

  • Custom Commissions
  • Custom Lettering
  • Apparel
  • Album art & posters
  • Spot & Full Page Illustration
  • Book & Cover Illustration
  • Editorial Illustration
  • Character Design & Development
  • Podcast Illustration
  • Murals
  • Package Illustration
  • And More


A picture is worth a thousand words, make sure you are telling the right story with creative professional photography. Ian Moss is a Columbus photographer serving the Central Ohio and Cleveland areas and destinations worldwide. With over 20 years of experience, Ian has the knowledge and creativity to capture your story, event, and/or product, in an exciting and creative way.

  • Concert and Event  Photography
  • BTS Photography
  • Corporate Head Shot Photography
  • Professional Portraits
  • Senior Portraits
  • Family Portraits
  • Engagement and Wedding Photography
  • Commercial Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Commission Work
  • And more


What makes a high-end professional photo look so great?  It’s the time and care to take a beautiful photo and push it farther in post-production. I take principal photography and offer multiple levels of photo retouching, whether it’s a quick clean edit for an event or commercial-level retouching I can meet your project’s needs. I have decades of experience in commercial retouching as well as advanced photo manipulation and compositing. 

  • Basic-Advanced Photo Editing & Retouching
  • Color Grading
  • Commercial Retouching
  • Photo Manipulation & Compositing
  • Preflight
  • Lightroom Preset Development

Training & Tutoring

Whether learning a new skill or perfecting a current one, it always helps to have someone who can coach you along the way. Ian Moss Creative has over 10 years of experience helping hobbyists, amateurs, and professionals grow their creative skill sets. If you want to start or continue your education in one of the creative fields Ian specializes in, he would love to connect with you and discuss how he can help you excel in your craft. Ian Moss Creative offers virtual or in person training and tutoring.

  • Photography Lessons
  • Photo Editing Lessons
  • Graphic Design Lessons
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Advanced Illustration Techniques
  • File Organization


When working on a creative project some times its hard to know where to start, what the best practices are, or how to effectively communicate your idea. Ian Moss Creative has collaborated with many companies, artists, and story tellers as a consultant for more than 20 years. Offering art direction, creative brainstorming/ideation, brand consulting, marketing and campaign ideas, and creative solutions for different projects. Ian can help bring the ideas and experience needed to see your project reach its full potential.

  • Creative Brainstorming &  Ideation
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing & Campaign Ideas
  • Brand Consulting
  • Business Consulting for Creatives


It all starts with a conversation. I get to know you, your project needs, goals, and deadlines so I can give you the best results on time. Then I deliver a rough estimate with your investment, the services I am providing, and the turn around time.

Then we adjust the scope and budget for the project based on your feedback. When we are satisfied with the quote we both sign a contract. Up front deposits depend on the nature of the project. The full balance will be due after delivery of the finals.

“Lets get it started in here.” I  start with preparation and R&D. I begin to  acquire any extra gear or assets that may be needed for the project. I hire any other team members that may be needed.  I start creative planning, generating ideas, rough sketches, shot lists, and storyboards. I research and scout locations or sets for photography needs.

“This is where the fun begins!” I am a professional creative, who will deliver the highest quality projects. When hired for photography, I do the principal photography for your project. I start rough and detailed comps, once those are approved I begin work on the final illustration or graphic design. 

The finishing touches. This is the last stage of the project where everything comes together as I polish your final product. I edit, retouch, and color grade images. Make revisions, and optimize the final images for digital and/or print. I then send artwork to the printer if this service is needed.

After all the final artwork is finished, approved and/or printed, I deliver all the finals to you. I will then send you a final invoice, full/remaining payment is due after delivery of finals and invoice.

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