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Radiant Church had a ministry called REACH. REACH is their outreach and compassions department. The name is an acronym for Relationships, Educate, Assist, Care, and Help. Every year Radiant Church did a series called REACH as well, the series is about the ministry & serving as a whole. The series recaps what their REACH ministry has done over the last year and encourages people to keep participating in the ministry.

I created the brand for the REACH ministry, and for the series, which was based on the brand I had created for the ministry itself. I created all the design assets for the ministry and series. They had a “Serve” weekend as part of the series that talked about serving in the church on the weekends as well. I was responsible for capturing most of the photography, as well as training and managing the photography team members that helped take photos as well. Some of the photos of the missions came from other staff members and Radiants partners, and some were pulled from stock sites.

Client:  Radiant Church
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign

Reach Brand

14 Page Accordion Brochure

Reach Series design & Assets

Reach Series OrIginal Launch

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