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Message Series Design & Photography

Radiant Church had a 4-week series that started on Easter called Restored. The focus of the series was how we are restored by Jesus. The concept behind the series art was a woodworker finding beat-up old wood in a junk pile and restoring it to create a cross. Robert Waldron was the artist who restored the wood in the photos and video; the final cross he created was used on stage.

I was responsible for the branding, photography, and design work for the series. The logo was created in illustrator and photoshop. After finding some stock photos of wood planks, I arranged and aged them to create the background. I also shot a series of photos to use on the website and Facebook during the run of the series. As a team we decided to use my main design for the series as the set design as well, I set up my typography adobe illustrator file to be cut by the fabricator we worked with.

Client:  Radiant Church
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
Hardware Used:  Nikon D700

Restored | Series Design & Assets

Restored | Photography

Set Design

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