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The Lion

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The Lion

The Lion


“Clouds of thick darkness surround Him. His lightning lights up the skies. He swallows death, He is The Lion.”

I’m super amped to present this epic piece I just wrapped up! This electrifying illustration was inspired by my love for 80’s Metal as well as Epic and Melodic Metal. The idea for this image came to me around 15 years ago, I have a very old rough sketch version I did back then. I was finally inspired to resurrect this sleeping beast and to go all out and create this finished piece.

This supercharged illustration was created live on my Twitch stream. Stay tuned for more artistic escapades ahead!

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Client:  Self
Apps Used:  Photoshop
Hardware Used:  Wacom Cintiq

Detail iMAGES

The Lion Time Lapse

Check out this quick video that shows my process as I build up the layers. I start with a rough sketch to get the form down. Then a tighter line drawing with some details. Then I pop in a color background so I can see color more accurately. Then I get to work painting the portrait, then the background, and move back and forth between the two. I start with a rough underpainting and then tighten the portrait painting up as I go. This digital painting took over 120 hrs to paint!

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