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4K More Creative

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4K More Creative

4K More Creative

Brand Design Package & Assets

4K More Creative is a creative agency I have worked with. They needed a full rebrand package which would include; Brand Consulting, Logo Design, Color Pallet, Font Options, Style Guide, Pitch Deck Template, and Internal, external, and social media assets. Shuree Danyell the CEO and Creative Director of 4K+ also needed a personal brand and resume as part of this project. I was responsible for this rebrand project and created all the assets they needed. I also worked as a consultant for other parts of their business as well.

I worked closely with Shuree for creative direction to bring her vision to life while pushing it further with my creative consulting and contributions to the project.

To get the logo done by the deadline, and to have another creative mind to generate extra ideas, I brought Collin Schlicht on to help with initial comps. We both generated several rounds of logo comps for this project, ultimately we landed on one of my logo designs for the final.

I also needed to come up with a style guide for both the 4K+ Brand and Shuree’s Personal Brand. The style guides would include font options and a color pallet. As with all my clients, I recommended no more than 5-6 colors total for brand cohesion for each brand, which is the industry standard for brand color pallets. However in order to meet the clients desired vision for both brands collor pallets, the final products have more color options than what I would advise. 

Team:  Collin Schlicht
Client:  4K More Creative
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign

Logo Design

Style Guide

Pitch Deck

4K+ needed a Pitch Deck Template that they could modify and plug whatever content and images they wanted in as they needed for different client pitches. They wanted it to give a brief overview of who they are, what they are about, and what they do. Towards the end of the pitch deck, there is a page where they can write a short proposal for a project. I filled the template design with place holder text to get an idea for the layout, 4K would then add their content after they completed it. We chose some images from photos they had already taken for the first part, and I used some place holder images from unsplash for their services. 4K would then place images in these sections as they see fit for the client they are trying to reach. I created the pitch deck and all other design assets used in it.

Social Media Assets

4K needed a set of social media assets they could choose from as needed.


Internal & External Assets

4K needed a some internal and external document assets, like a letter head template, and contractor rate sheets template.


Shuree Danyell personal Brand

Shuree wanted a main logo for her name and a second one made from her signature. I had her sign her initials and send a photo, I then traced them in illustrator so we could have a vector version she could use as needed.


Shuree also needed a professional resume design. I designed her resume based of the style guide I created for her and used a photo she provided.

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