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Tommy Nixon

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Tommy Nixon

Tommy Nixon

Branding & Web Design

4K More Creative a creative agency I have worked with needed me to create a personal brand for one of their clients as well as work on their web page and manage the design team to complete the project.

Tommy Nixon is a pastor, speaker, coach, & CEO of Urban Youth Workers Institute in California also known as UYWI. He needed a new website and personal brand to go with it. I worked closely with Shuree Danyell, the head of 4K More, as we established the art direction for the project together. We wanted something fresh that fit with Tommy’s personal aesthetic and personality. I took inspiration from The Radical Middle art I had created for UYWI previously, I started with a look and color pallet inspired by that series art. I created the brand color pallet, and the main logo design for Tommy, and picked the body copy fonts. We then needed a logo design for his podcasts so I designed that next.

For the website, I started designing the basic structure for the original look and layout. As I came up with the direction for the webpage I also created most of the graphic elements for the page. I worked with one of my teammates, Willie Grayson who helped finish the web page, took my original concept, and push the design even further. Willie is also the one who came up with the idea to make the site all one page instead of multiple pages, which I think worked beautifully for this project.

Click on the website link below to view the full web design.

Team:  Willie Grayson
Client:  Tommy Nixon
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop

Logo Design

Background Elements

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