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Epic Posters

Photography, Post-production, & Graphic Design

The Student Ministries department at Radiant Church did a series called Epic. They spoofed popular “epic” movies and used them to teach teens how to live an epic life for Jesus. They wanted a movie poster for each week’s movie spoof. They had the series twice, each featuring a different set of films. I shot most of the photos and did all the post-production work. We got the ministry volunteers together as our models. I set up the studio photography lighting and did the principal photography of the models. To sell the movie poster look further I created the typography to match the movie poster we spoofed. These posters were then printed as large posters and displayed in the student building for the series.

The first year they did the series a few of the movies they spoofed were:  300, Avatar, and Twilight.

The second year they did the series, the movies they spoofed were: The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, The Dark Knight Rises, and Thor.

Client:  Radiant Church: Student Ministry
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop
Hardware Used:  Nikon D700, AlienBees 800 Studio Strobes

Year one

I photographed the youth pastor’s wife and did all the “makeup” digitally to make her look like The Na’vi. I intentionally did not over-exaggerate the features to perfectly match the Na’vi, because we still wanted the teens to be able to tell who it was.

I photographed a couple of the volunteers as Edward and Bella and digitally added the fang.

I photographed the youth pastor as the main character and the assistant youth pastor as the army in the background. The background sky was a stock image.

For the main series poster, we came up with the idea to create an epic movie poster that spoofed the teen movies that spoofed popular epic movies. I photographed each model pairing separately and compiled them into one image. the rocks were stock photos that I cut up to make it look how I wanted. The background was also several stock photos layered together.

Year two

For this poster, I went into downtown Phoenix and took the principal photography of the city in the background. I then photographed each of the models separately and added them to the background. Iron Man was an image from another artist, I cut him out, and added him to the cast. I then added all the special effects and digital painting to make it all come together for the final.

I photographed our model and digitally added the background and rain. I also created the belt buckle in Illustrator and Photoshop.

I lit a wall in the youth building that had its logo on it. We then had one of the models strapped into a harness under his jeans and suspended him on the wall in a classic Spidey pose and I took several photos to get the right one. I removed the rope digitally and added the spider shadow to play off the poster that was in theaters.

I photographed our model on a raised platform. The rocks were all stock images that I broke up and digitally painted to get the final look.

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