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Patches of Light

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Patches of Light

Patches of Light

Design & Illustration

One of my favorite non-profit organizations I have had the pleasure of working with is Patches Of Light. Their mission is “to assist families with critically and terminally ill children”. Their mascot is a skunk named Patch. Why a skunk? Well because “sickness stinks”. I have worked with them for many years creating some of their illustrations and designs for different events and resources. Here are some of the spot illustration and design projects I have worked on for them.

Client:  Patches of Light
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop
Hardware Used:  Wacom Cintiq

Pumpkin Patch

Patches of Light needed a spot illustration for some of their fall promotional material. The inspiration for the piece was Peanuts’ The Great Pumpkin.

This is the digital illustration I did for the project.

Poker Run

Patches of Light had a Poker Run to raise money for the families they assist. They had me do this illustration and typography for the event logo. This logo would be used for promotion of the event, made into patches, and shirts. Because it was to be used in multiple applications I made the file in multiple color variations depending on the application of the asset.

Captain Patches

A Hero Is Born

Patches of Light needed an illustration to put on get-well cards and gift cards to give to critically and terminally ill children and their families. They wanted me to create a superhero version of Patch their lovable skunk mascot, his name was to be Captain Patches.

Coloring Page

Captain Patches Card

I created Patch’s alter ego and incorporated aspects of the company’s brand into his costume and gave him the classic hero pose. The symbol on his chest was sampled from the company’s logo as were the blues in the costume. The final image was created for 3 different card sizes. They also had me create a coloring page for the families.

Patches Skunks Hockey Team | Logo & jerseys

Rough Sketch

Patches of Light started a hockey team called Patches Skunks. They needed a logo and t-shirts designed for their team. I set the design up to be used on 3 different color shirts. The hockey team logo would be used on the front of the shirt and the company logo went on the sleeve.

Hockey Team Shirts

Other Illustrations

Here are a couple more Spot Illustrations I did for them. One was a runner Illustration for a marathon fundraiser, and the other was to promote Peggy the pig and their piggy bank.

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