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Radiant Vision 2014

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Radiant Vision 2014

Radiant Vision 2014

Annual Report Design & Photography

On the first Sunday in 2014, Radiant Church had a vision weekend. We had a recap of 2013 and  Pastor Greg cast his vision for 2014. We also gave out a Life Change Report booklet to the congregation which gave a look at each of the ministries at the church. I was responsible for all the graphic design work for the series and the Life Change Report. I used photos that I had taken throughout the year as well as some photos that our volunteers had taken, in the design work for this series.

Radiant Church was also switching service times on the first weekend of January 2014, they needed a new serve card for volunteers to sign up with for the new service times. We wanted to show volunteers serving on the weekend in different capacities so I came up with a collage, gave it a color treatment, and laid out the graphics on top. The 52 is part of our vision statement; 52 unforgettable experiences that, turn on lights, build bridges and create fully devoted followers of Jesus. The purpose of using the 52 in the design is because our volunteers are a big part of what makes the experience unforgettable. I was responsible for the post-production, design, and most of the photography.

Client:  Radiant Church
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign

Vision Series | Design & Assets

2013 Changed Life Report

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