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Heroes & Villians Through Art History

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Heroes & Villians Through Art History

Heroes & Villians Through Art History

Pop Art Illustration

I am working on an ongoing Pop Art Illustration Series that takes a look at art history reimagined through comic book characters. I am doing an illustration for each character in an art style, movement, or famous piece, that goes well with the character and/or helps say something about the character. I love nerd culture, pop culture, and art history! I actually was 1-2 classes away from a double major in art history and this is a great way to utilize what I learned and pursue my passion. Take a journey with me as I jump around through time and explore Art History in a new way. The following Illustrations are ordered from newest to oldest

Client:  Self
Apps Used:  Illustrator, Photoshop
Hardware Used:  Wacom Cintiq

Barry & "Speed Force Variant"

Barry (Speed Force Variant)
Barry (Speed Force Variant)

I thought the best way to portray Barry Allen (The Flash) was through post-impressionism. I thought it would be a great way to use line color and brushstrokes to help create the movement of Barry transitioning too and moving through the Speed Force. Vincent Van Gogh was my strongest influence on this piece. The Speed Force Variant with the gold lighting is inspired by the comic book version of Barry Allen’s Flash, while the regular version with the blue lightning is inspired by the DCU version of the Flash. 

Barry (Original Variant)

Barry Process

Check out this quick video that shows my process as I build up the layers. I start with a rough sketch to get the form down. Then a tighter line drawing with some details. Then I pop in a gray or color background so I can see color more accurately. Then I get to work painting the figure in sections, then the background. The motion effects and the lightning are the last things I add.

BAby Groot

I had this idea of Baby Groot with a Rocket stuffed animal. I chose children’s illustration as the art style/movement for this piece.


Here is the “coldest’ Villain from the Rouges Gallery! For this Illustration of Mr. Freeze, I was inspired by Futurism. Futurism admired technology, violence, and the industrial city among other things. They were for anything that represented humanity’s triumph over nature. They were for the deconstruction of the current society and a violent break from the past. It is a style that has a cold darker side to it. Victor Fries life is broken and cold after the death of his wife Nora. One could say Freeze is bent on revenge and making the world match his brokenness. I thought this fractured style and some of its motives matched Freeze well.

Victor Process

Check out this quick video that shows my process as I build up the layers.


For this illustration I was inspired by James Montgomery Flagg. I reimagined his “I want you for U.S. Army” Poster, and illustrated it with Nick Fury played by the incredible Samuel L. Jackson. I thought this would be a cool way to portray Fury sense he was the director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and founder of the Avengers. He’s always keeping an eye out for talented agents!

Carol Danvers Portfolio 2021

For this illustration, I was inspired by Andy Warhol and reimagined his Marylin Monroe Portfolio 1967 with Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers’s first appearance was in 1968. I was also inspired by the scene where Monica Rambeau is helping Danvers choose a new color for her costume. I thought this was a fitting style for her character.


My Daughter loves Black Widow aka Natalia Romanova or Natasha Romanoff and specially requested me to do an illustration of her. For this illustration, I was inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein a Pop Artist in the 60s. He did several of his more famous pieces in 1964. Black Widows’ first appearance was in April 1964, I thought this would be a fitting style for her. Even though this piece was done digitally I wanted to make it feel like it was done with traditional methods. I even went as far as to distress the halftone so it felt more like a silk screen vs the perfect digital circle halftone pattern.


My wife loves Wonder Woman and specially requested me to do an illustration of her. I was inspired by the Hellenistic or Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures which my wife also loved when she went to Italy. So I decided to paint her as a marble statue. This is a tribute to all the strong and powerful women out there.

Diana Process

Here’s a quick clip of the process behind my Diana Illustration.

Spidey Web

I wanted to do a portrait of your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I got to thinking about what it would look like to have the portrait made from spider webs. I illustrated the Wall Crawler with a lil’ help from the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker. Inspired by string art and photography. I thought it was fitting because Peter is a photographer.

Reeve's Bizarro

This is the Illustration that kicked off this series. There is a scene in Superman 3 where Superman splits into 2 personalities that fight each other a good and a bad. This reminded me of Bizarro a “mirror image” and antagonist of Superman thus inspiring this Digital Painting. I was inspired to do a Cubism-influenced piece because the original Bizarro is depicted as very angular and a twisted form of reality.

Reeve's Bizarro process

Here’s a quick clip of the process behind my Bizarro Illustration.

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