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Boba Fett (ESB)

| Digital Painting, Illustration, portrait, Print | No Comments

In 1980, Boba Fett made his first movie appearance in The Empire Strikes Back and quickly became a fan favorite. I just finished this illustration featuring the most feared bounty…

Donald Loki Dor President

| Illustration, Kids | No Comments

I know we just had a Donald for president but I’d totally vote for this guy! I got busy with client and other work week 4 so I didn’t get…

There Is Still Good In Him/ I Feel The Good In You (Alt. Title)

| Digital Painting, Illustration, portrait, Print | No Comments

I’ve been planning this piece for years so it worked out that week 3 of @disneydrawtober was Star Wars Villians. The faith of one person seeing the good in another can have…

Ernesto De La Cruz

| Illustration, Kids | No Comments

Here’s my week two piece for @disneydrawtober on instagram. The theme was Pixar Villians.

"Ian has an eye for design that will set your project apart from the rest. He’s a true artist. If you want detail, Ian is your guy! "

− Jeff May, Radiant Church: Creative Arts Pastor

"I love Ian’s fresh approach, the sharp details in his work and his masterful execution of ideas! His creative ability is awe-inspiring!"

− Carissa Fernald, Heritage Church: Student Ministries Director

"Ian is an overall top talent, but his post-production work is second to none. People constantly remark on how striking the album cover is or how they love my website's background image and I owe it all to Ian."

− Shuree Rivera, Shuree Music

"Ian's artistic eye and attention to detail is what keeps me coming back and hiring him for different projects."

− Paul Rivera, Shuree Music

"Ian Moss has been our illustrator, friend, and guide for many years. His work has touched so many and his art conveys the message we are trying to get out. He is amazing!"

− Mindy Atwood, Patches of Light

"Ian is a great asset. His style and vision helped make an idea a reality. He listens, suggests, but ensures that any design is met with the client's vision."

− Brandon C. Holm, Longship Technology, Inc. : Founder/CEO